GMF Applied Two New Ratings for CFM56-7B Engine

GMF AeroAsia has applied for two new ratings which are B1 Rating for CFM 56-7B engine and B3 Rating for APU GTCP131-9A/B in the annual audit performance conducted by EASA. In addition, GMF also applied an additional of 14 part number at the component shop. “These two new ratings are to improve GMF capability in the maintenance of CFM56-7B Engine,” said Ganis Kristanto who is VP of Quality Assurance & Safety. With these two new ratings, any kind of work associated with CFM56-7B Engine can immediately be carried out thoroughly.

In this audit, EASA sent three auditors namely Sandra CORTE REAL (Team Leader), Bruno FAUCHER and Jerome GERMAIN (Engine Experts) who audited the entire maintenance area at GMF AeroAsia. “The development of CFM 56-7B Engine capability has been done since a few years ago,” he said. It is expected that by the year 2015 GMF AeroAsia will have a full overhaul capability of CFM56-7B thus able to handle 150 CFM 56-7B per year considering that the capacity utilization can be maximized.

So far, GMF AeroAsia already has the capability to maintain CFM56-3, Spey, APU GTCT 85 Series, and TSCP 700 engines. The capability to maintain CFM56-7B engine will continue to be developed until GMF has a full overhaul capability.