GAS Successfully Repaired a GPU of Pelita Air

GMF Aircraft Support Services (GAS) has successfully accomplished the repair and build up of one Ground Power Unit (GPU) Houchin 90 KVA owned by Pelita Air. This equipment was not utilizable for a long period of time because of poor performance. The repair and build up of GPU is a capability possessed by GAS, one of GMF AeroAsia Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Other capabilities that have been possessed by GAS are Maintenance Overhaul All Diesel Engine Type, Repair Gas Turbine Compressor (GTC), Repair and Refurbishment Catering Service Truck, Repair Pallet Container Handling System, Repair and Assembly ULD, Meal Trolley and Equipment Rental.

The repair and build up job of the GPU Houchin 90 KVA was carried out over 10 days, including painting the entire body of the GPU and installing the Pelita Air logo. “The GPU can directly be used by Pelita Air technicians,” said Amsari Tambun from the Marketing Division of GAS. Pelita Air expressed satisfaction after checking and testing the GPU. The GPU performance has returned to normal. The power, frequency, and voltage of the GPU is back to its best performance.

According to Amsari, Pelita Air is planning to send two other GPU units to undergo maintenance and repairs in the near future. GAS is also seeking to maintain a number of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) such as tractors, gas turbine compressors belonging to a number of airlines.