GMF Employees Underwent Training in Airbus

GMF AeroAsia sent five of its employees to participate in the Training Program for GMF Supporting Staff in Toulouse, France on 14-24 January 2014. The training is part of a collaboration between GMF and Airbus which was signed in November 2013. In this collaboration, GMF AeroAsia is designated as an Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC) in Southeast Asia. Five employees who experienced training were Yayan Heryana (Quality Training Manager), Linda Birmanasari (Planning & Administration Manager), Adang Kudrat (Examination Manager), and Gofar Ismail (IT Expert).

In this collaboration, GMF instructors will be integrated into the Airbus MTOE (Maintenance Training Organization Exposition) since GMF is designated as an Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC) in Southeast Asia. Through this partnership, the quality of training at GMF is projected to be equivalent with the training organized by Airbus. “This training supports the ARTC program which will soon be carried out,” said Linda Birmanasari. The initial training at ARTC is designed to begin on March 2014 for Lion Air A320 training

In recent years, the growth of Airbus aircrafts especially the A320 and A330 in Indonesia and in several other countries is relatively fast. Garuda Indonesia for example has operated 14 A330 aircrafts comprising of eight A330-200 units and six A330-300 units. Until 2017, Garuda is planning to order 11 A330-300 wide-bodied aircrafts. This is also the case for other airlines.