EASA gives GMF two new ratings

GMF AeroAsia secured two new ratings from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) after audit from Jan. 27 to Jan. 30, 2014. The two ratings were B1 Rating for CFM 56-7B engine and B3 Rating for GTCP131-9A&9B auxilliary power unit (APU), allowing GMF AeroAsia to reach the same overhaul level as global industries.

“EASA’s recognition creates a big improvement for the quality of aircraft maintenance run by the GMF,” Ganis Kristanto, vice president of quality assurance and safety, said in a media statement received by The Jakarta Post on Monday.

EASA sent three auditors led by Sandra Corte Real and included Bruno Faucher and Jerome Germain to evaluate the maintenance area in GMF AeroAsia. Overall, the results were positive with a number of notes and recommendations to improve quality and safety aspects.

“One of the recommendations is related to personnel requirements in regards to training procedures,” Ganis said.

He added that the B1 and B3 ratings were applied in accordance with GMF’s vission in becoming a world class MRO. The applications for theratings submitted in conjunctions with the applications of 14 additional part numbers in GMF Component Shop.

“The more airlines servicing their CFM 56-7B engines at GMF, the less foreign exchange being spent abroad,” Ganis said.

“We expect to be able to handle 150 CFM 56-7B engines per year by 2015.”

GMF started to develop the capability to service CFM 56-7B engines several years ago.

“Works up to the overhaul level have been approved by EASA following an audit that took place last weekend,” Ganis said.