Honeywell Provided Support to GMF in APU Maintenance

Honeywell International SARL has provided support in the maintenance activities carried out by GMF AeroAsia. The support is provided through the signing of the Material Supply and Part Repair Agreement by the EVP Base Operation of GMF, Agus Sulistyono and Brian Davis as VP Airlines Asia Pacific Region of Honeywell on 12 February 2014 at the Singapore Airshow 2014. The five-year partnership provides considerable revenue for both GMF AeroAsia and Honeywell. In this agreement, Honeywell will supply the required material for the maintenance of APU type utilized in B737-NG aircrafts of Garuda Indonesia and A320 aiircrafts of Citilink.

In addition to an agreement with Honeywell International, GMF also signed an APU GTCP 131 9B maintenance agreement with Aersale on the same date. The agreement was signed by the EVP Base Operation of GMF, Agus Sulistyono and Dwyne Adcock as the VP of Airframe Material Sales of Aersale at the Singapore Airshow arena. The income potential that can be earned by GMF from this agreement is approximately USD 275,000  from one APU unit being maintained.

Agus Sulistyono said that GMF AeroAsia has had a number of capabilities in running the aircraft maintenance business. Some engine maintenance capabilities possessed by GMF include CFM56-3, Spey, APU GTCT 85 Series, TSCP 700, and CFM56-7B as far as the overhaul stage. The maintenance capability of APU GTCP 131-9A & B and CFM56-7B up to the overhaul stage has obtained approval from EASA in an audit which took place at the end of January 2014.