GMF and Duma Signed an Agreement


GMF AeroAsia and PT Duma Nusatama signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on April 3rd, 2014. The MoU was signed by Setijo Awibowo as Director of Corporate Strategy and Development of GMF and Ratna Kirani Arianto as President Director of PT Duma Nusatama. The MoU is the initial stage in exploring a partnership in plating services. “GMF has the capability to carry out the plating,” said Mr. Pahala Pardede, GM Business Development of GMF.

Collaboration GMF and Duma Nusatama is dedicated to optimize plating service works. The cooperation includes plating services, engineering, material services, logistics, warehousing, and consignment. In the collaboration, Duma Nusatama will invest on infrastructure development, whereas GMF will prepare the market and aviation knowledge aspects.

Likewise, both companies will review the signed agreement for one year period. “Subsequently the cooperation will be elaborated into the establishment of a joint venture and a limited company,” said Mr. Pahala.