FAA Approves GMF New Rating

FAA Audit

After held an audit at GMF AeroAsia on April 11th – 21st 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved an application of the new Engine CFM56-7 rating by GMF. The audit was conducted by Principal Maintenance Inspector, John C. Hyndman and Principal Avionic Inspector, Deron N. Kong. “The FAA inspector stated that GMF has complied with FAA for the maintenance of Engine CFM56-7,” said Mr. Ganis Kristanto, VP Quality Assurance & Safety of GMF.

The FAA inspectors focused the audit in the workshop area, especially Workshop 2 and Engine Shop since it is directly related to the addition of CFM56-7 rating.  Meanwhile, other visited area includes the Avionic Shop, Fuel Shop, Emergency & Gas Shop, Wheel & Brake Shop, and the Hydraulic & Pneumatic Shop. The auditor examined the maintenance record of CFM56-3 Engine, APU records and carried out a sampling check on 15 maintenance records derived from the Avionic and ELMO Shop.

In addition, the FAA also approved a new rating of the Landing Gear Shop for the overhaul of B737-NG aircraft landing gear (nose & main). “In fact we have the capability of the landing gear overhaul since a few years ago,” said Mr. Ganis.