GMF Represents Indonesia in TSA Audit

TSA AuditThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated that GMF has complied with the security standards specified by the United States Transportation Security Administration. The decision was taken by the TSA after their auditors, Susan Daniel and Michael A. Brown conducted an audit on April 14th, 2014. This audit was carried out by directly monitoring the security system at GMF and interviewing GMF security personnel in understanding the prevailing security system. “The audit result is good and there are no findings,” said the GM Quality System and Auditing Component Maintenance of GMF, Mr. Quadrian Adiputranto.

According to Mr. Quadrian, the TSA audit includes personnel, area and asset. The auditors also checked records and controlled the three aspects in the last two years. The auditors expressed appreciation to GMF’s efforts in improving and enhancing its security system. “GMF must impose the same security system as the airport since every personnel who enters the GMF area has access to aircrafts,” he said.

Furthermore, TSA also audited the transportation security system in PT JAS. “Essentially the TSA audit is intended for Indonesia. GMF and PT JAS represent Indonesia in this audit,” he said.