KAN Audited GMF Test Laboratory

The National Accreditation Committee (KAN) has conducted an ISO 17025 certification audit on the Micro and Macro Hardness Test Laboratory, located at the SBU GMF Engine Maintenance on April 28th until May 1st, 2014. The standard quality system audit was conducted by two assessors, Mr. Amir Partowiyatmo and Ms. Lena Anggraini. “Our calibration laboratory has been certificated. Currently we are applying for the certification of the test lab,” said Mr. Nanang Yulian, the Head of the Laboratory Certification Team. 

The audit was focused on documents such as the PMLP (Panduan Mutu Laboratorium Pengujian) or Test Lab Quality Guidelines, PLP (Panduan Lab Pengujian) or Test Lab Guide, and operations documents. “As for the lab, it is assessed to have adequate lab facilities,” he said.

Furthermore, there were 15 findings on this audit. “We were given 56 days to resolve those findings,” he said.The Laboratory Certification Team has determined those findings to be resolved in two weeks. Subsequently, KAN will provide feedback. “Our objective is to have the Micro and Macro Hardness Test Laboratory certified by June 2014,” he said.