GMF Established Cooperation with Riau Islands Provincial Government and Unsurya

Pemrov Riau

GMF AeroAsia settled two form agreements with the Riau Islands Provincial Government and Suryadharma University (Unsurya). Comprising education, training, aircraft technician recruitment fields and other supporting activities, the cooperation agreement was signed by the President & CEO of GMF AeroAsia, Mr. Richard Budihadianto and the Governor of the Riau Islands Mr. Muhammad Sani in Tanjung Pinang on May 20th, 2014. “The agreement is to support the aircraft maintenance facility in Bintan,” said Mr Richard Budihadianto.

In this agreement, GMF AeroAsia and Unsurya will educate and provide training for the best youngsters of  Riau Islands to be the aircraft technicians. Simultaneously, the Riau Islands Provincial Government will provide scholarships for them.

Furthermore, GMF will support Unsurya in obtaining the AMTO 147 certification from DGCA. The graduates of this educational program will have a general license, as it is one of the essential requirements to be the aircraft technicians. In the future, the need for aircraft technicians will increase. “This collaboration is to anticipate and respond to the needs for aircraft technicians,” he said.