GMF Completed its Initial CFM56-7B Engine Project

GMF AeroAsia successfully completed the first CFM56-7B engine maintenance on May 2014. Utilized by Sriwijaya Air B737-NG, the engine maintenance is carried out by GMF Engine Maintenance, a strategic business unit in GMF that handles the various type of aircraft engine maintenance. “The maintenance capability of CFM56-7B engine enhance GMF competitiveness in the market,” said Mr. Roban Wahyuning, the Program Manager of the CFM56-7B engine. The capability of the CFM56-7B engine will continuosly developed until the overhaul stage.

Currently, GMF AeroAsia has maintenance capability of engine types such as CFM56-3, Spey, APU GTCT 85, and TSCP 700 which are used in various type of aircrafts. GMF’s maintenance capability of the CM56-7B engine approved by DGCA Indonesia, EASA and FAA for minor maintenance up to major maintenance (overhaul). “The CFM56-7B engine of Sriwijaya Air is a pilot project and a success,” he said. This capability will be marketed both for the domestic and international market.

The development of CFM56-7B engine capability does not only provide benefit for GMF business, but also for the national aviation industry, especially increasing efficiency. The more airlines hand over the maintenance of their CFM56-7B engines to GMF, the less foreign exchange will be run out of the country. Thus it gives an impact for the national economy improvement.