GMF-SIAEC Explore Cooperation


SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) visited GMF AeroAsia on June 13th, 2014 to explore cooperation. On this occasion, SIAEC was represented by the VP Line Maintenance Support Services of SIAEC, Daniel Wong and Marketing & Sales Manager of SIAEC, Lie Tju Tjeng. In his presentation, Daniel Wong said that SIAEC is a global MRO which has 25 certifications of approval from 25 aviation authorities. Currently, SIAEC has capability to maintain various types of aircraft such as A380, A330, A320, A345, and B777. “We have about 6000 employees,” said Daniel. Furthermore, SIAEC has line maintenance services in 30 airports and a Quick Action Team (AOT) providing AOG services globally. “More than 200 AOG services jobs were carried out successfully in 16 countries,” he adds.

According to the VP Cabin Maintenance Services of GMF, Cornelis Radjawane, this meeting could be the beginning of an exploratory partnership between GMF and SIAEC. However, the future partnership has not been determined yet because it is still in the process of company introduction. “The meeting is a benchmark. We will also do a benchmark to SIAEC in Singapore,” he said. At the end of meeting, the SIAEC delegation was invited to visit the GMF Hangar facility.