GMF Turns to be the First Airbus Training Center in the World

GMF AeroAsia passed the Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC) audit from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) after its auditor, Dominique Lissandres discovered no findings during auditing on July 1-4th 2014. This approval generates GMF to be the first Airbus Training Center in the world (outside of the Airbus). “EASA will give its official approval to Airbus concerning GMF to be the ARTC,” said Harkandri M Dahler, GMF’s Director of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs on July 15th, 2014. Simultenaously,  the annual EASA AMTO 147 audit also held during the ARTC audit, which GMF applied additional rating for the B747-400 aircraft type rating training. Throughout the ARTC audit, EASA auditor inspected GMF Learning Services facility.

Becoming an ARTC, GMF can provide training with Airbus standarization, particularly the A320 and A330 aircraft type rating training. Likewise, the EASA AMTO 147 approval bring GMF to organize the B737-NG and B747-400 type rating training in compliance with EASA standards. Furthermore, GMF also plans additional rating for the training of Bombardier CRJ 1000 and ATR 72-600.

Mr Harkandri said, “Airbus would like to be closer with airlines that operate its aircrafts, especially in Southeast Asia.” In recent years, the growth of Airbus aircrafts, especially the type of A320 and A330 aircrafts is rapidly grow, in Indonesia or several other countries in Southeast Asia. For instance, Garuda Indonesia has operated 14 A330 aircrafts consisting of 8 units of A330-200 aircrafts and 6 units of A330-300 aircrafts.