Bangladesh Aviation Authority Audits GMF

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) audited GMF AeroAsia on August 6-8 th 2014 to renew the certificate of approval that expires on August 28th, 2014. Conducted by auditor Mohammad Abu Sayeed, GMF applied a new rating modification related to the elimination of Foker 28 and DC10 aircraft capability which is no longer economical. As a replacement, GMF applied a new B737-NG rating consists of B737-NG airframe, APU GTCP 131 9B, CFM56-7B engine, and other components in the capability list.

In this audit, the auditor inspected all items for renewed certification approval and the application of a new rating, comprising personnel qualification, procedure, material receiving, tool store, hangar and workshop. “There are a few notes and recommendations to be follow up,” said Quadrian Adi Putranto, GMF’s Quality System & Auditing Component Maintenance GM. One of the notes is the existence of personnel smoking in the work area and the placement of tires in the central store area as well.

Quadrian said the auditor requested the placement of tires to be immediately done according to the proper procedures in a week after the audit. In addition, the auditor also requested the temperature in the central store to be adjusted with the existing material character.