GMF Maintain Kabo Air Aircrafts for Hajj Flight

GMF AeroAsia has gained trust from Kabo Air to handle the engineering service and line maintenance handling of its B747 aircraft in Kano, Nigeria. The service is provided by GMF to support Kabo Air’s operation of hajj flight. The engineering service and line maintenance handling is provided during the three-month pilgrimage season starting from mid-September 2014. “We will send three of our best experts to handle Kabo Air aircrafts,” said Rully Marully, GMF’s Account Manager and Sales.

GMF’s three persons consist of one engineering expert and two line maintenance engineers. They will also to be engineers on board to handle Kabo Air planes in Saudi Arabia as well. Rully said, the service will probably continue until next year. “Therefore, it is not only during the hajj season,” he said.

If the plan is accomplished, GMF will send three of its personnel alternately every three months to provide engineering service and line maintenance handling for Kabo Air aircrafts.