DAAO Indonesia Approves Additional GMF Ratings in 5 Stations

After conducted an audit on August 18-29th 2014, the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operations (DAAO) of Indonesia approved the addition of a number of ratings submitted by GMF. Some approved new ratings were A-check maintenance of Bombardier CRJ 1000 aircraft in Kualanamu Station and A-check of ATR600-72 aircraft in Makassar Station. Furthermore, an additional transit check rating of ATR aircraft was also approved for Pontianak and Surabaya Stations and a transit check of CRJ aircraft in Yogyakarta station. DAAO decision was conveyed during the exit meeting with GMF on September 2nd 2014.

The audit is a thorough audit to revalidate GMF as AMO 145 and distributor of Aeronautical 57. The revalidation audit was conducted as recommended by ICAO and FAA. In addition, the audit also presented some of the regulatory changes which are being and will be carried out by DAAO. “DAAO assessed if GMF is well-prepared with the regulatory change since it has approval certification from the FAA and EASA,” said Erman Noor Adi, GMF’s General Manager of Safety Inspection.

The additional ratings dedicated to the company’s business projection and capacity development. “The aircraft maintenance business continues to grow along with the increasing number of aircrafts and type of operating fleet. “The additional ratings conducted by GMF refer to the current needs up to 15 years in the future,” he said.