GMF’s CEO Received The Best CEO 2014 Award


President Director of GMF AeroAsia Richard Budihadianto was selected as one of Top 10 The Best CEO Indonesia 2014. Presented by SWA Magazine, IPSOS and Dunamis research institute, the event held in Jakarta on October 22nd, 2014. The selected figures were rated by four leadership pillars comprising path-finding, aligning, empowering and modeling.

Refer to research result of this year, Iwan Murty, Business Director of IPSOS said that the most influential factors to assess the CEO for employees are the ability to execute, aligning function, and the  empowerment. They are leaders who truly want to join and get along in the field with employees.

Moreover, Richard Budihadianto said that a leader does not merely need intelligence, courage and experience. Communication is also a qualified talent that must be possessed by a good leader. “Communication is the key pillar of leadership in aligning the organization,” he stated.