FAA Appreciates Audit Results for GMF AeroAsia

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave appreciation to GMF for the successful audit on October 31th -November 5th 2014. Two FAA auditors, Jesus R. Gonzales and Antonio C. Blas state that GMF has carried out corrective action based on previous FAA recommendations. “The auditors provided positive recommendations and GMF is entitled to hold the FAA certificate of approval,” said Ganis Kristanto, GMF’s VP of Quality Assurance & Safety.

The auditors also gave appreciation to GMF for increasing the capability of Test-Cell hence it is able to test the CFM56-7B engine. However, the auditors still provided recommendations for improvement related to manage training record and update listing part in the Engine Shop. The auditors also took a note to concern a better storage for repaired bearing.

According to Ganis, currently GMF has more than 20 certificates of approval as it is the main asset for GMF’s business development. Moreover, GMF also has a certificate of approval from EASA, an European civil aviation authority. “Both international certificates are requirements for customers,” he said.