CAA of Vietnam Audits GMF AeroAsia

The Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) of Vietnam performed an audit in GMF AeroAsia to renew a certificate of approval expired on December 20th, 2014. The audit for A320 airframe and component rating was conducted by Le Ouy Thang as CAA auditor. Complying the certification requirements, the audit was focused on quality system, personnel, facility, and visits to the Test-Cell and Hangar 4 as well. “The auditor visited the Test-Cell as an initial review of the audit,” said Hariyadi Wirja, General Manager of Quality System and Auditing Base Maintenance. The Review is related to the development of CFM56-5 engine capabilities which has been carried out by GMF. The audit result is satisfactory since there are no findings. The auditor only provided recommendation for improvement on the calibration tool list in the Test-Cell that have been followed up by SBU GMF Engine Maintenance.

Moreover, GMF maintains the right to hold the CAA Vietnam Certificate of Approval for aircraft maintenance with the registration of the civil aviation authority of Vietnam. As one of Vietnam’s carriers, Vietjet have been cooperation with GMF since 2011 for the maintenance of its A320-series aircraft.