GMF DOA Provided Materials at the EASA Workshop

GMF DOA (Design Organization Approval) was entrusted to provide materials at the Part 21 Design Organization Approval Implementation Workshop organized by EASA at the Maritim Hotel in Koln, Germany on November 25th-26th, 2014. In the workshop, GMF Head of Design Organization, Irfansyah Nasution presented GMF DOA status as Leader of Non EU DOA Sub Group Southeast Asia and materials concerning GMF Design Organization Approval progress from EASA. The 6th workshop held by EASA, discussed the latest issues and information regarding Part 21 EASA work procedure and sought inputs from industry. “The EASA DOA reorganization is also being discussed here,” said Agus Pribadi Muhardjanto, Chief of Airworthiness Office of GMF AeroAsia.

According to Agus Pribadi, the EASA Design Organization Department is under the EASA Directorate of Certification since September 1st, 2014 where the current Head of Design Organization Department is held by Dominique Roland. “Before the workshop took place, we were invited by Dominique Roland to EASA headquarters,” he said. The visit to EASA headquarters was joined in by Irfansyah Nasution as GMF Head of Design Organization, Agus Pribadi Muhardjanto as Chief of Airworthiness Office and Purobojo Soemadi as Chief of Independent Monitoring Office of GMF AeroAsia. The GMF DOA representatives was welcomed by the Director of Certifications, Dr. Norbert Lohlat the EASA headquarter.