Zimbabwe Authority Audits GMF

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) execute an audit at GMF to renew GMF’s CAAZ certificate of approval. At this audit, CAAZ sent auditors George Mashababe and Steve Ingram, respectively Manager of Quality Assurance and Safety of Global Africa Aviation (GAA). The audit was also correlated with GAA’s maintenance of MD-11 aircraft (cargo) with Z-BVT registration which has been in GMF since three weeks ago.

According to Haryadi, the Quality Auditor of GMF, there were some areas visited by the auditors including the Calibration Shop, Receiving Material, Main Store, NDT, Tool Store Hangar 1 and Hangar 3, and TBH Production Unit. In addition, the auditors also checked the Quality System and Licensing & Documentation. Conducted on 9th February 2015, the audit also carried out an assesment related to Zimbabwe regulations for 17 Base Maintenance and Quality Assurance and Safety personnel.

Haryadi said the CAAZ audit went quite well and the auditors felt satisfied with GMF facilities, tools, equipments and personnel. “The auditors provided two notations for improvement,” he said.