Iraqi Airways Undergoes Maintenance in GMF

Iraqi Airways trust GMF AaeroAsia to carry out C-Check maintenance and six years regular maintenance on its B747-400 aircraft with YI-ASA registration. To carry out the maintenance, GMF has completed an audit from the Iraq Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) and obtained approval to perform the C-Check maintenance.

ICAA auditors also audited GMF AMTO 147 related to their plan to send their technicians and engineers to learn about the A330 and CRJ at GMF Learning Services.

The Iraqi Airways also gives a trust to GMF for entering aircraft maintenance market in Iraq.  “GMF and Iraqi Airways has plan to establish cooperation in the engineering services and training sectors,” said Rully Marully, GMF’s Account Manager. The cooperation is expected to expand GMF’s market in the Middle East. “This trust can enhance GMF’s existence in the regional market,” he said.