GMF Achieves Vision Award 2013/2014

GMF’s 2013 annual report  achieved The Best Narrative and Platinum Award at the Vision Award 2013/2014 event. In addition, GMF’s annual report also ranked fourth in the 50World’s Best Annual Reports, organized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). “We congratulate Garuda Maintenance Facility. We entered GMF’s piece as one of the best annual reports in the industry this year,” said Christine Kennedy as Managing Director of LACP.

The awards were achieved after GMF’s 2013 annual report acquired a score of 99 out of a maximum score of 100. The maximum score acquired by GMF came from a number of asessment criteria among others: First Impression received a score of 29 points, Report Cover received a score of 10 points, Letter to Shareholders received a score of 10 points, Report Narrative received 10 points, Report Financial received 10 points, Creativity received 10 points, Message Clarity received 10 points, and Information Accessibility received 10 points.

According to Dwi Prasmono Adji, GMF’s VP of Corporate Secretary, this achievement strengthens GMF’s step in realizing its vision as a World Class MRO of Customer Choice. “All this time GMF has collaborated with global companies, earned global customer’s trust and achieved recognition from global aviation authorities,” he said.