GMF and NAM Air Establish Cooperation


GMF’s Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, Setijo Awibowo and CEO of NAM Air, Jefferson Irwin Jauwena signed a component maintenance cooperation contract. The collaboration completed two former cooperation respectively, Base Maintenance Up to C-Check and Standard Ground Handling Agreement Line Maintenance. “First maintenance cooperation is achieved when GMF carried out C-Check on NAM Air’s B737-500 aircraft,” said GM of Key Account for Sriwijaya Air, Asep Mulyana.

Through the collaboration, NAM Air aircrafts’s component maintenance is carried out by GMF. Meanwhile, for Line Maintenance Handling, GMF is still adjusting to the fleet routes of NAM Air. “NAM Air will hand over the maintenance of their 10 aircrafts to GMF,” he said. The three established cooperation is expected to be fulfilled optimally. Asep hopes GMF can handle the entire NAM Air’s aircraft maintenance.