Collaboration GMF with STTA for AMTO D3 Program


GMF AeroAsia and Adi Sutjipto College of Engineering (STTA) Yogyakarta signed an aviation engineering Diploma 3 (D3) education agreement with AMTO (Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization) certification on April 17th 2015 in Jakarta. Signed by the GMF’s Director of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Harkandri M Dahler and the Head of STTA Air Marshal (Ret.) Tabri Santoso, the agreement generate D-III certificates and Basic Certificate in compliance with CASR 65.

The graduates will be recruited to be GMF employees according to the agreed number. “The cooperation is not only for the benefit of GMF, but also for producing reliable aircraft technicians required by the aircraft maintenance industry in Indonesia,” said Harkandri M.Dahler.

AMTO D3 program is expected to be carried out on September 2015 as an attempt to fulfill the demand for aircraft technicians in Indonesia. Currently Indonesia lacks thousands of aircraft technicians because the profession is quite rare. According to the The Head of STTA Tabri Santoso, the partnership program gained an enthusiastic response from the people of Yogyakarta who are interested in the industry of aircraft maintenance. “The program is a breakthrough for education and industry in Indonesia,” he said.