GMF Board of Directors and Commissioners Restructurization

GMF AeroAsia shareholders had restructured the Director and Commissioner compositions to revitalize the organization and to enhance the company’s performance in the future. As decision of the share holder’s general meeting, the changes were made because of their due term office and should be replaced. “Hopefully the changes will bring revitalization and progress for the company’s business, and improve our service for customers as well,” said President Director of GMF AeroAsia, Richard Budihadianto.

The outgoing Directors and Commissioners of GMF were Agus Sulistyono as Director of Base Operation, Gatot Satriawan as Director of Finance, Setijo Awibowo as Director of Corporate Strategy & Development, and Batara Silaban as Commissioner. Subsequently the shareholders appointed new directors and commissioners from  both inside and outside of the company with the following composition:

President Commissioner: Iwan Joeniarto
Heriyanto Agung Putra
​IGN Askhara Danadiputra
​​​Bambang Susantono
​​​Muhammad Alwi

President Director: Richard Budihadianto
Director of Human Capital & Corporate Affair: Harkandri M.Dahler
Director of Finance: Insan Nur Cahyo
Director of Line Operation: Juliandra Nurtjahjo
Director of Base Operation: I Wayan Susena