Lion Air Audits GMF Learning Service

An Indonesian airline, Lion Air audited GMF Learning Service related to the implementation of various rating training for Lion Air’s personnel. Held on 30th June 2015, the audit was focused on MTOE (Maintenance Training Organization Exposition) documents, TPM (Training Procedure Manual), instructor qualification, certificate approval, syllabus training, quality system and inspection of training class facilities.

“Overall the audit result is satisfactory,” said Yayan Heryana as GM Quality of GMF Learning Services. The auditor only provided two recommendations related to tool calibration and safety sign.

Over the years Lion Air has been one of GMF’s customers, as the company often requests GMF Learning Services to provide training for its personnel. Some of the trainings are among others EASA class rating type training of B737-NG and Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC) class of A320 training. “Until the end of this year, the GMF ARTC class will be filled by Lion Air’s personnel,” he said.

Lion Air is preparing to apply EASA AMO 145 certification so that it requires personnel with EASA certification. “Therefore Lion Air requested GMF to provide EASA standard training,” he said.