Four Iranian Airlines Entrust Maintenance in GMF


Four Iran’s airlines plan to send their aircrafts for maintenance to GMF AeroAsia on the second half of 2015. The four airlines are Atrak Air, ATA Air, Meraj Airlines, and Iran Air. Atrak Air will send three A320 aircrafts gradually with 30 working days aircraft maintenance agreement. “At the first stage, a single aircraft will be sent initially,” said Sudirman, Account Manager and Sales of GMF. Likewise ATA Air will send two B737- Classic aircrafts for C-Check maintenance and two CFM 56-3 engines for overhaul.

According to Sudirman, two other Iranian airlines have scheduled maintenance for its fleet at GMF in 2016. Over the years, GMF has gained a sufficient place in the Iranian aircraft maintenance market thus an opportunity to expand the market is quite open. One of the potential opportunities that will continue to be handled is the maintenance of the B737-Classic fleet which is quite a lot in Iran.

Therefore, GMF is committed to improve its product and service qualities, especially in maintenance speed and punctuality. “For GMF, customer satisfaction is one of the goals to achieve in customer service aspect,” he said.