GMF Provides the Latest Boroscope Inspection Service

GMF AeroAsia provides Boroscope Inspection service for aircraft engine and APU with 3.5 metre and 2 metre long 6mm Olympus Videoscope, and 2 metre long 4mm Olympus Videoscope. “It is considered to be the most modern equipments,” said Rahmat Hanafi, EVP of Strategic Business Unit (SBU) GMF Engine Maintenance. Furthermore, GMF also adds the latest equipments including 3 units of 6 mm Olympus Videoscope and 1 unit of 4mm Olympus Videoscope. These equipments can measure distance, point to line, depth/height, area/lines and profile.

The service offers full video boroscope inspection with video or non video and hot section inspection video or non video. “It is marketed separately from the Shop Visit Engine or Shop Visit APU maintenance package,” he said. The partial services is aimed to meet customers demand from domestic and international such as Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air, Lion Air, Indonesia Air Asia, Cardig, Orient Thai, GECAS, AeroTurbine, Willis, Aercap, TES and ELFC. “This service is also supported by qualified and certified experts,” he said.