President Director of Sriwijaya Air Visits GMF AeroAsia


The President Director of Sriwijaya Air, Chandra Lie visited GMF AeroAsia for photo shoot and interview, and also viewed Sriwijaya Air’s latest two B737-900ER aircrafts in GMF’s Hangar 4. His presence in GMF was warmly welcomed by GMF’s Board of Directors as an entity to appreciate Sriwijaya Air’s loyalty to GMF AeroAsia.

As one of GMF’s main customer, Sriwijaya delivers nearly its aircrafts to have maintanance at GMF AeroAsia.GMF provides range of service to Sriwijaya, from technical handling, line maintenance up to heavy maintenance.

Sriwijaya Air has turned to be GMF’s customer since operated in 2003.Following Sriwijaya’s various type of aircraft and its growth in aviation industry, it seems the airline’s development is quite promising. To provide the best service for loyal customers such as Sriwijaya Air, GMF has formed a Sriwijaya Unit Key Account focusing in handling the maintenance of Sriwijaya fleets. The airline operates around 32 aircraft types dedicated to domestic and international flights.