GMF Redeliver Iraqi Airways Aircrafts


GMF has completed maintenance of Iraqi Airways’s B747-400 aircrafts for Iraqi hajj pilgrim’s transportation. The aircraft with YI-AQQ registration had been underwent C-Check and ADSB maintenance since 28th May 2015. “In addition, there were some aircraft components which need to be repaired,” said Rully Marully, GMF’s Account Manager. Iraqi Airways is a new customer of GMF in 2015. In March 2015, the airline also handed over its aircraft maintenance to GMF and they will hand over in the future.

Moreover, Iraqi Airways also entrusts GMF to provide PW 4000 and A330 training to its personnel. Currently the two companies discuss cooperation in the engineering service and line maintenance handling field. “We are exploring cooperation to be full handling of Iraqi aircrafts,” he said.

Iraqi Airways is expected to become GMF’s top customer because numerous GMF capabilities meet the Iraqi Airways’s maintenance needs. Besides B747 aircrafts, Iraqi Airways also operates A330, B777, and CRJ100 aircrafts.