GMF Provides Training to Air Siam and K-Mile Air Engineers

GMF AeroAsia had been providing B737-800 rating type training to 16 Air Siam engineers in Bangkok, Thailand since September 7th until October 13th 2015. Conducted by four GMF Learning Services instructors namely Harun Handono, Syafrudin MS, Teguh Tri Pranawa, and Sugeng Riyanto, the training obtained approval from the civil aviation authority of Thailand. “The training is one of the requirements for Air Siam engineers to acquire AMEL,” said Budi Krisna Lelmalaya as GM of Aircraft Type Training.

The training course consists of all standard materials for a full course type rating among others general introduction such as structure, door, and window; equipment and furnishing; oxygen, water, and way system, electrical and lighting system, hydraulic system, landing gear; flight control system, pneumatic system, dry protection system, conditioning and pressurize system, fuel system, communication system, instrument system, autopilot, and navigation.

Again, towards the end of training, GMF gained trust from another Thailand airline, K-Mile Air to provide B737-300/400/500 type training to its engineers. The training will be held on October 1st until November 6th 2015 in Bangkok. This achievement strengthens GMF Aero Asia’s existence as a training provider, especially in Thailand. Formerly, another Thailand Airlines, Orient Thai and Nok Air, were trained by GMF AeroAsia.