GMF Learning Services Passed Two Audits Successfully

GMF Learning Services successfully passed audits from Indonesian regulations, The Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation (DAAO) for GMF’s Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO) 147 certification renewal and aircraft manufacture, Airbus simultaneously at the end of October 2015. In this audit, GMF applied for additional GMF AMTO Remote Training facilities namely a number of State Polytechnics which collaborates with GMF in operating the AMTO 147 D3 program. “Generally the audit result from DAAO is satisfactory and our certificate has been renewed,” said Yayan Heryana as GM of Quality Training.

Concurrently, Airbus performed an audit in GMF for its position as Airbus Remote Training Center (ARTC) which was conducted by Airbus auditor, Jean Pierre Brunel. “The audit was to ensure that GMF ARTC complied with Airbus standards,” said Djatmiko Hadi Putra, GM of Learning Service. Throughout the audit, the auditor inspected Instructor Qualification, Examination, Management of Trainees File, Certificate Issuance, and Training Program, and also visited to GMF ARTC class and observed the teaching presentation of GMF ARTC instructor. “All auditor findings have been clarified to Airbus Training Center,” he said.

According to Djatmiko, both Airbus and GMF hopes that GMF ARTC can exist autonomously. Currently, GMF ARTC is still under the management of Airbus Training Center in Toulouse, France. Therefore, its authority in program planning and training record management is still carried out by Airbus Training Center. “In the future, GMF ARTC will exist autonomously in order to have a greater authority,” he stated.