GMF Obtains B747-400 Base Maintenance Approval from DCA Malaysia

GMF obtains approval for B747-400 Base Maintenance from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (DCA Malaysia). The approval was obtained after DCA Malaysia had an audit at GMF for three days start from November 17th. “We need the approval for performing D-Check of the Malaysian Eagle Express aircraft,” said Ahmad Yani Chumaidhy as GMF Lead Auditor.

Started at the documentation and record area by the DCA Malaysia Auditors, Faharudin and Rawandi, the inspection were including GMF’s Quality System/ Exposition Manual (EM), Personnel Qualification, Internal Audit, and Safety Management System (SMS).

The Material Store is one of auditor’s checklists to be inspected, especially the Eagle Express’s material storage. “The audit went well so far, there was no significant finding,” he said. However, the auditors asked GMF AeroAsia to perform continuous improvement thus the product quality will improve. According to the audit result, GMF AeroAsia earns approval from DCA Malaysia for B747-400 Base Maintenance up to D-Check.