Safety Workshop Ground Hazard and Safety Declaration

GMF AeroAsia organized Safety Workshop Ground Hazard and Safety Declaration in Yogyakarta on November 30th 2015. Collaborate with the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), Airport Management (Angkasa Pura 1 and Angkasa Pura 2), Pertamina Aviation and Garuda Indonesia Group, this workshop is to identify ground hazard with airport stakeholders as an effort to improve aviation safety. “Safety becomes the main priority in the national aviation industry,” said Quadrian Adiputranto, General Manager of Safety Inspection in GMF.

In this workshop, Erman Noor Adi, GMF’s VP of Quality Assurance and Safety introduced GMF’s method in built safety systems. Started from learning the Safety Management System (SMS) with ICAO, implementing Safety Management System in GMF internal area, progress report to Garuda Group Safety Board, and finished with the GMF SMS journey. GMF’s safety systems applied as a study material, as it can be implemented in another parties who has responsibilities on aviation safety development.

According to Quadrian, the workshop encouraged the establishment of Indonesian Aviation Safety Board (IASB) wherein, KNKT has a role as its chairman whereas, GMF is appointed as secretary of IASB. Also, the workshop produced Strategic Initiative of Indonesia Aviation Safety Board which has been declared together by the Directorate General of Land Transportation and other workshop participants. IASB consists of four working groups comprising Develop Flight Safety Working Group, Develop Ground Safety Working Group, Develop Environment Safety Working Group, and Develop Safety Action