Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Audits GMF

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) conducted a renewal audit on GMF AeroAsia according to the renewal of approval certification that given to GMF on December 3rd and 4th 2015. The audit was conducted by Totty Chinyere Okoro and Ilugbusi Sunday Felix, auditors from NCAA. “The audit results are quite satisfactory,” said Mahfud Hasan from GMF Quality Assurance & Safety. The audit was also related to GMF’s plan to handle one of aircraft from Kano, Nigeria.

Some audited items were documents related to Certification of Maintenance, List of Capabilities, Personnel Requirements and Certifying Staff, Engineer Qualification & Certifying Staff which will be sent to Kano, Nigeria. “There are a number of GMF personnel that will be sent to Kano to handle one of aircraft from the airline there, “he said.

The auditors was also inspecting Approved Vendor or Supplier List (ASL) and Maintenance Contract for Nigerian’s registered aircrafts where has been maintained in GMF. Mahfud Hasan said the auditors were satisfied with the audit results since there were no major findings. However, the auditors still provided a number of recommendations to improve progress and development of GMF’s products in the future.