GMF Engine Maintenance Repair Citilink APU

As a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) which handles engine and APU maintenance, GMF Engine Maintenance continues to gain customer confidence. One of them is Citilink which had been handed over the overhaul of two APU GTCP131-9A units with serial number T3119 and 5264 since the beginning of December 2015. “According to the agreement, the Turn Around Time overhaul of two APU is 45 days,” said AB Charles Hale as Account Manager & Sales of GMF Engine Maintenance. It is committed to complete the overhaul on time as well as opening other opportunities to improve its business performance.

To respond to customer confidence, GMF Engine Maintenance has carried out development capability and product quality improvement through improved supply chain management, test cell improvement, and logistic improvement. “We will also add a spare of APU GTCP131-9A,” he said. The spare APU is a backup if any customers have limited APU but must to continue operations. “So when their APU is being repaired at GMF, they can still operate using the spare APU,” he said.