GMF AeroAsia Obtained New Rating from Korean Civil Aviation Authority

Korean Civil Aviation Authority, MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) handed over the new aircraft rating to GMF AeroAsia after held an audit on January 12th to January 14th 2016. The new rating was given for Base Maintenance capabilities on Airbus A330, Boeing B737-NG and Boeing B747 series. Simultaneously, GMF AeroAsia achieved new rating for power plant rating on Engine Type CFM56-7 and APU GTCP 131-9A/B, and also component rating in accordance to FAA approval that GMF AeroAsia already have. “We ought to be grateful due to the trust that MOLIT has lend to us,” said Erman Noor Adi, GMF AeroAsia VP Quality Assurance & Safety.

MOLIT conducted an audit in GMF AeroAsia thus South Korea Airlines made cooperation with the company in Aircraft Maintenance. The MOLIT’new rating is quite satisfying and entrust GMF AeroAsia to handle aircraft maintenance, as it registered at Korean Civil Aviation Authority. Furthermore, GMF AeroAsia has been hold EASA and FAA approvals, and other authority certifications from many countries around the globe as well. “There is no finding in the audit, because it satisfied the auditors,” he said.