GMF towards the Top 10 MRO

Globally, GMF AeroAsia takes the 17th place biggest MRO revenue in the world. The Company determined to rise up the rank through capacity and capability development. “GMF AeroAsia wants to be the one of World’s Top 10 MRO in 2020,” said VP Human Capital Management, Asep Kurnia.

According to Mr. Asep, there are some key criteria to achieve the vision. Revenue side, GMF AeroAsia aiming to reach USD 1,025 Billion by 2020. The revenue target is three times higher than 2016 revenue target on the number USD 368M. “GMF AeroAsia will be moving towards one billion company,” he said. Therefore, GMF AeroAsia should generate improvements in many aspects such as customer satisfaction, productivity, business efficiency, supply chain management, quality and turn around time, facility management and many others.

GMF AeroAsia has to perform various businesses for the new capabilities on Boeing B737max and Airbus A320 Neo. “To be the Top 10 MRO in the world, we must be the dominant player in Asia Pacific and Middle East Asia Region,” he said.