GMF Participates at The Earth Hour Program 2016

Pemadaman Lampu

GMF AeroAsia economizing electricity consumption for an hour in the Earth Hour Program 2016 on March 19th 2016. This program had been saved electricity power for 4.400.000 watt hours. Due to energy savings, GMF contributes in preventing discharge of CO2 into the air for 3,920 tons of CO2 which has caused the global warming phenomena.
This successful energy savings was fully supported by GMF’ employees whose participated in turning off the lights and other unnecessary electricity at their working space, and reported the saving watts. Simultaneously, The Earth Hour Program 2016 had implemented by Garuda Indonesia Group at GMF Hangar 4 with theme “Shine a Light On Climate Action”.
President and CEO of GMF AeroAsia, Juliandra Nurtjahjo said that GMF’s participation in this event was a consistency in supporting energy savings and an effort to build a new culture in environmental friendly. ”Our commitment to create an environmental-friendly corporate culture is a form of our support for global climate change campaign,” said Juliandra.