Official Visit Vice President of Swiss


Vice President of Swiss, H.E Doris Leuthard visited GMF AeroAsia in her official state visit on April 1st, 2016. Accompanied by Swiss Ambassador for Indonesia, H.E Yvonne Baumann and other delegations, Leuthard was greeted by Iwan Joeniarto, President Commissioner of GMF AeroAsia and GMF’s Board of Directors. In her visit, Leuthard was invited to take a tour and sightseeing GMF’s facilities, especially the new Hangar 4, whilst Iwan Joeniarto explained about GMF capacities and capabilities to Leuthard.

Luethard impressed with GMF’s facilities and tools. “We believe that the synergy between Garuda and GMF has brought big power and potency for Indonesia to face the global aviation competition,” said Leuthard. Iwan hopes this visit could strengthen cooperation between GMF and one of Swiss Company, Swiss Air Technic (SRT), as GMF and SRT was signed a cooperation agreement last February at Singapore Air Show 2016.

“GMF and SRT are partners to seize the world market,” he said. In addition to him, the cooperation strategically brings the benefit for Swiss government, and he expects there will be more cooperation in the future. In the meantime, President and CEO of GMF AeroAsia, Juliandra Nurtjahjo said if this official visit of Swiss Government could be a good chance for GMF to show its capabilities and facilities.