GMF AeroAsia celebrate its 14th Anniversary

DSC00128On April 26th, 2016, GMF AeroAsia celebrates its 14th anniversary in a different way. GMF held a meeting at the GMF’s Hangar 3 attended by GMF employees. At the event, President and CEO GMF AeroAsia, Juliandra Nurtjahjo greeted and presented the key points to all audiences in terms of acceleration step towards One Billion Company in 2018. This acceleration step is the challenging target for GMF as GMF’s vision to be Top 10 MRO in the world by 2020.

According to Juliandra, GMF need courageous and big actions to face the corporate target and vision, including the acceleration program towards One Billion Dollar Company in 2018. “Accelerating the target had been started by revisiting Business Plan for 2016 – 2018,” he said. At the same time, GMF’s management also stretched the Corporate Business Plan (CBP); remapped revenue generator program; strengthen profitability and marketing plan, in order to achieve the one billion dollar revenue in 2018. “Our nearest challenge is to achieve target in 2016,” he stated.