GMF Supports to Face the Peak Season

GMF AeroAsia (GMF) gave supports to Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) and Citilink during the peak season of Eid Fitr 1437 H start on June 24th until July 17th, 2016. GMF’s responsibility in maintaining Garuda and Citilink’s aircrafts to ensure their fleet availability are fulfilled.

According to Sukarya as GMF’s Vice President of Line Maintenance, GMF has made the best recovery program to support Garuda and Citilink’s fleet operations during the peak season. “The total of Garuda’s aircraft are 140, while the Citilink’s aircraft are 40. These all has been prepared,” he said.

In addition to aircraft recovery, GMF also provides more manpower to handle all aircraft. For material needs, GMF has prepared the parts in every Line Maintenance Station (LMS), whilst fast moving component readiness is remain to be done. “According to our analysis, the material needs from every station will be prepared during the peak season,” he said.

Sukarya said that the passengers urge increased sharply during the peak season, thus the both airlines wants all of the armada can operate properly. “The GMF’s targets are minimizing delay, avoiding Aircraft on Ground (AOG), and running operational well,” he said.