GMF AeroAsia’s Media Gathering 2016

To maintain a good relationship within company and mass media, GMF AeroAsia held media gathering with mass media practitioners on July 28th, 2016. The gathering was attended by CEO of GMF AeroAsia, Juliandra Nurtjahjo, accompanied by Insan Nur Cahyo as Director of Finance and Harkandri M Dahler as Director of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, and also media practitioners from Metro TV, ANTV,, Angkasa, ANTARA and so on.
Besides introducing GMF AeroAsia’s Board of Directors new formation, Juliandra seize the chance to communicate company accelerate program to achieve its vision to be The Top 10 MRO in the World by 2020.

According to Juliandra, transformation strategy to run the accelerate program divided into three aspects comprising human centric, business expansion and technology driven. “Human Resources lead an important role in this program,” Juliandra said.
In addition to him, there will be many challenges for GMF AeroAsia. Therefore, the company needs support from all stakeholders including mass media. As an Indonesia Biggest MRO Company, GMF AeroAsia is also heading to be the One-Billion-Dollar Company. Juliandra said, “We wants to lead this country into global competition.” To accomplish the target, GMF AeroAsia needs to collaborate with mass media to perceiving company’s growth. ”Mass media contribution with their good news thus a made GMF AeroAsia nowadays,” He added.