EASA & FAA Post Audit: GMF AeroAsia Becomes ‘High Level’ Quality MRO

Cengkareng – European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), conducted an annual audit at PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia (GMF). The audit was conducted to certified GMF’s new capabilities and certificate renewal. On behalf of EASA, David Marchand as the leader and Jean Michael de Lecluse audited GMF from January 16 to 20, 2017.

This year, GMF submitted new type rating certification for APU 331-351, Airbus A330 Up to C-Check, and certification upgrade for engine type CFM56-7B which only for assembly-disassembly to complete overhaul. GMF’s VP Quality Assurance & Safety, Erman Noor Adi said that submission for new type rating certifications is in a way to enhancing customer’s trust and increasing volume of customer. “This is an alignment to corporate program in 2017, Strengthen GMF’s Core Business; Airframe, Engine and Aircraft Component,” he said.

Besides, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has finished its audit at GMF on Tuesday, 31st of January 2017. The audit which was started from 23rd of January 2017, was utilized by GMF for submitted capabilities certifications. Type rating which submitted were maintenance for Airbus A330 and Boeing B777 up to C-Check, Engine type CFM56-7B up to overhaul and D1 for NDT Thermography.

In 2016, GMF obtained ‘Low-Risk MRO’ predicate from FAA. In accordance with the audit result, GMF successfully sustained the predicate. FAA, whose represented by (PMI) Art John Muzzicato and {PAI} Frank Baker stated that GMF is ‘high level’ quality MRO. Erman said trustworthiness from authority becomes vital and fundament for GMF’s business enhancement. “Satisfying result (of the audit) challenge us to keep the commitment to enhancing quality & safety aspects in every assignment,” he said.

Adding capabilities and enhancing its quality shows means to vision in 2020 to be ‘Top 10 MROs in The World’ that stands on 3 main pillars of corporate grand strategy; Human Centric, Business Expansion and Technology Driven. It also showed GMF’s commitment to ensuring a safer sky and enhancing the quality of every flight both in Indonesia and the world.