Coupling with GMF AeroAsia in Cooperation Agreement, Batam Aero Technic Inaugurates Stage III Hangar and Joint Venture Hangar Construction

BATAM – August 14, 2019.  Batam Aero Technic (BAT) and Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia (GMF) have established an agreement for cooperation development, inauguration and groundbreaking for the stage III hangar and joint venture hangar construction. This agreement is a manifestation of synergy towards advanced Indonesian aviation industry.


In a series of events held at the BAT hangar at Batam’s Hang Nadim International Airport, this collaboration signing was carried out by BAT I President Director, I Nyoman Rai Pering Santaya, and a.i. (ad interim) GMF President Director, Tazar Marta Kurniawan, witnessed by Coordinating Minister of Economy Darmin Nasution, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, Riau Islands Governor Isdianto, Lion Air Group Founder Rusdi Kirana, President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Ari Askhara, and President Director of Lion Air Group, Edward Sirait.
Epigraph signing and groundbreaking for the stage III hangar and joint venture hangar construction were performed by Coordinating Minister of Economy, Darmin Nasution, whereas epigraph signing for the aircraft component workshop facility was represented by Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi.


In the stage III hangar construction, BAT together with GMF, plan to build eight hangar units capable to accommodate 24 Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 aircraft. This eight hangar units are expected to maximize aircraft maintenance absorption, both domestic and abroad, as well as minimize the amount of work transported abroad.


In accordance with the synergy to support national aviation industry, BAT and GMF together with aircraft tires manufacturing partners, also signed an agreement on factory and aircraft tires vulcanization (tire retread) construction. This step aims to increase domestic rubber absorption, boost airline efficiency, and increase nation’s foreign exchange.


Batam Aero Technic’s President Director, I Nyoman Rai Pering Santaya said, “BAT is proud to conduct business development with GMF, to synergize in promoting aviation sector. Business climate created by the government strongly supports growth and development in Indonesia. As businessperson in aviation industry, especially air transportation services, we fully recognize the assistance and support given by the government in the framework of growing aviation industry business sector”.


a.i. (ad interim) GMF President Director, Tazar Marta Kurniawan said that his party welcomed synergy with BAT in order to expand GMF’s reach in Asian market, with Batam being a strategic hub. “To optimize the company’s acceleration action, GMF always collaborates with various parties, such as OEM, manufacturer & MRO. Presently, GMF is collaborating with BAT to increase domestic and international aircraft absorption, and enhance GMF business diversification,” said Tazar.


Tazar further added, through this collaboration, there will be consolidation between GMF and BAT to separate capacity and capability between GMF and BAT to avoid double investment in aircraft maintenance sector. This collaboration is also expected to encourage both parties to continue increasing utilization and optimization of existing capabilities over time, so in the next 10 years, integrated aircraft maintenance can be realized to reduce overseas outsourced jobs to merely 10%. “The synergy of engine, components and landing gear work will encourage more efficient aircraft maintenance and build a highly competitive Indonesian MRO industry in global arena,” Tazar added.



Creating superior and competitive human resources


To support the availability of competitive human resources or workforce, Lion Air Group established Kirana Angkasa Polytechnic which is engaged in education, especially aviation education. This establishment aims to increase workforce in aircraft mechanic or technician expertise.


The launch of Kirana Angkasa Polytechnic was marked by epigraph signing by Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi.


Rai Pering stressed, “As an effort to support hangar construction, a signing of business understanding cooperation was held between GMF and BAT, in the hope of developing national aviation industry and marketing its service overseas. A cooperation agreement also signed between GMF and BAT with AMTO (aviation education and training center) to ensure availability of manpower or human resources, especially aircraft mechanics”.


a.i. (ad interim) GMF President Director, Tazar Marta Kurniawan revealed that the involvement of AMTOcertified polytechnics was also a form of GMF’s commitment in supporting the government to create conducive ecosystem for national aviation industry. “Through this collaboration, GMF not only gives benefits to MRO industry, but also to aviation players and the nation,” explained Tazar.


Cooperation concentration is part of human resources development to form qualified personnel with skills, work ability, and work loyalty. All parties involved emphasized that qualified human resources will support the company to further develop and achieve goals.


This synergy is anticipated to create more employment, save outflow of foreign exchange from national aviation industry, attract foreign exchange from abroad by marketing and selling aircraft repair services to other countries, streamlining and reducing cost load of air transport industry.