Garuda Indonesia Group and Sriwijaya Air Group Has Agreed on Continuing Management Cooperation

Tangerang, October 1, 2019 - Garuda Indonesia Group has agreed on a mutual commitment to continue management cooperation (MC) with shareholders of Sriwijaya Air Group. This is consistent with initial commitment of MC synergy in strengthening operational performance of Sriwijaya Air Group while supporting the formation of a healthy aviation industry ecosystem.

The MC agreement is also consistent with the meeting between Garuda Indonesia Group and Sriwijaya Air Group, facilitated by Minister of BUMN RI, Rini Soemarno, some time ago.

Citilink Indonesia President Director, Juliandra expressed, “We hope that this good momentum become a milestone for all parties to always prioritize mutual interest in improving national aviation industry’s competitiveness by saving the country’s assets in this case Sriwijaya Air Group as air transportation services provider in Indonesia”.

Juliandra said, “We believe a healthy aviation industry ecosystem is a vital key in enhancing the national aviation industry’s competitiveness, which now experiences difficult times”.

GMF AeroAsia President Director, Tazar Marta Kurniawan, said that he would remain to support Sriwijaya Group’s flight operational services. “In agreement with the commitment to prioritize aviation safety aspects, GMF Aero Asia is committed to regularly provide technical needs for Sriwijaya Air Group’s operational services”.

Meanwhile, representative of Sriwijaya Air Group shareholder, Jefferson Jauwena, said “We gratefully welcome the commitment and communication that has been established with Garuda Indonesia Group. We hope in the future, Garuda Indonesia Group and Sriwijaya Air Group will remain working in unison to improve national air transportation network that is expected to contribute to equal development of the nation and the country”.