GMF AeroAsia Wins Company Title of Best Eco-Friendly Commitments in Indonesia

Tangerang, October 23, 2019 – PT Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia Tbk. (“GMF”) won the title as the best environmentally friendly commitment company in Indonesia at the 2019 Indonesia Green Company Award from SWA Network. This award was announced directly by Prof. Emil Salim on the eve of the 2019 Indonesia Green Company Award at the Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta (10/22). GMF AeroAsia President Director, Tazar Marta Kurniawan, revealed that this Indonesia Green Company award is correspondent with the company’s program and commitment in consistent efforts to preserve the environment.

As well as the company’s vision to become Top 10 MRO in the World, GMF is not only required to provide excellent quality services, but also to enforce environmental management responsibilities. “In the midst of rampant environmental issues, for GMF, the commitment to environmental sustainability is our absolute concern in the value of company’s performance,” explained Tazar. GMF AeroAsia also runs various programs as part of its commitment to become Green Company for healthy environment, and also part of its culture to present the best contribution to the entire environment.

Meanwhile, on this occasion, Prof. Emil Salim revealed, “GMF AeroAsia is a company that has comprehensive commitment in developing social responsibility programs that are carried out sustainably, both internally and externally”.

“GMF has exercised company’s environmentally friendly principles; not only through work culture, but also through commitment to empower environment around the company. For instance, through local community human development, which in its implementation becomes added value for the company to continue on performance improvement,” he explained.

Commitment to environmental sustainability is also applied in aircraft operational lines, one of which in aircraft repair and maintenance activities, where GMF substitutes materials with more environmentally friendly ones. GMF also applied solar panel technology to support energy efficiency efforts enacted to support company’s operational needs.

In work culture, GMF enforces policies to minimize plastic materials usage and motorized vehicles in work environment, including maximizes requisition to bring personal beverage container.

Indonesia Green Company Award (IGCA) is an appreciation of companies having commitment and environmentally friendly vision, held in collaboration with SWA Magazine and Sri Kehati. The IGCA Award is given to companies that surpassed a series of selection processes to become the ones committed to implement the 3P principles: People, Profit, Planet to create sustainable business.