Opening Line Maintenance in Melbourne, GMF AeroAsia Marks Its First International Footprint

Melbourne, February 1, 2020 PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk. (GMF) conducted its first technical handling at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne, Australia on February 1, 2020. Garuda Indonesia flights from Melbourne to Jakarta via Denpasar became the first flight performed by GMF Line Maintenance at its first International Branch Office. GMF Director of Business and Base Operations, I Wayan Susena, was present at the Melbourne Line Maintenance first operation and ushered the GA-719 aircraft type Airbus A330-300. Melbourne was decided to be the GMF Line Maintenance station in Australia as an effort to strengthen international market share, considering it is the most populous hub connecting Indonesia and Australia.


“We decided Melbourne as the right location for GMF to start penetrating international market. Many of our potential customers fly to and from Melbourne every day,” said Wayan. Several international airlines that have become GMF’s target market operate a number of flight routes through Melbourne, so this has become a business opportunity that can be optimized through Line Maintenance services, legally operated by GMF as of February 1.


On the previous day, GMF held the inauguration of Melbourne Branch Office, also attended by the Indonesian Consul General for Melbourne, Spica A. Tutuhatunewa, Garuda Indonesia District Manager Melbourne, Flora Izza, and all GMF personnel in Melbourne. “In the midst of global economic development that faces countless challenges, the opening of GMF AeroAsia in Melbourne is a breath of fresh air for aviation industry in the region,” said Spica.

Spica also added that GMF’s presence in Australia marked the consolidation of Indonesia-Australia partnership as an economic powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region. Opportunities will be significantly open for business sector to enhance cooperation within the framework of a comprehensive Indonesia-Australia economic partnership.

With the purpose of fulfilling requirement of trained and qualified manpower, Melbourne Line Maintenance station will be supported by seven mechanics and engineers and led by one maintenance manager. Currently, Melbourne Line Maintenance has obtained permission to conduct maintenance for Airbus A330 aircraft and is planned to obtain the same permit for Airbus A330 Neo, Airbus A320, Boeing 777 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Services provided by Line Maintenance Melbourne include Before Departure Check and Transit Check.


The operational licensing process has been performed since 2019, whereas on May 17, 2019, GMF had obtained Foreign Investment Review Board Approval from the Australian Government. This licensing was followed up by the issuance of the ARBN number 636 326 933 by the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions, indicating that GMF has been legally permitted to conduct business activities in Australia.


GMF’s expansion into Australia will not only end in Melbourne; it plans to continue expanding its market share to reach Sydney and Perth this year. Wayan mentioned that GMF also plans to expand to other countries besides Australia, “Melbourne is the first step in a series of our international expansion. In the next few years, hopefully GMF operations in other countries will be able to run more smoothly than this,” Wayan said.