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Our skilled mechanics and staffs at GMF AeroAsia are committed to taking the extra miles to ensure precision and craftmanship in every part of the work.

Such diligence is supported by an integrated system that strings together every detail into a comprehensive result as the emobodiment of our dedication to the art of perfection.

GMF concern

The smallest details can make the biggest difference. This is why we dedicate our profession to ensure that every miniscule detail is catered for and that everything functions properly and airworthy.

GMF journey

Over Decades

Starting out in 1949, GMF AeroAsia originated as the Technical Division of Garuda Indonesia Airlines at the Kemayoran and Halim Perdanakusuma airports in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 1984, GMF AeroAsia was relocated to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and rebranded itself as the Division of Maintenance & Engineering (M & E), which eventually developed into an independent business unit.

Subsequently in 1998, the M & E Division transformed into the Strategic Business Unit (SBU-GMF), handling all Garuda Indonesia's fleet maintenance activities, thus honing its competitive edge. Eventually in 2002 SBU-GMF was spun off from Garuda Indonesia, and officially became an independent entity under the name of PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia.

GMF AeroAsia is now rightly considered as the best and biggest aircraft maintenance companies in the region, providing the excellence of integrated solutions for all customers around the world.

  • Our Vision

    Top 10 MROs In The World
  • Our Mission

    To provide integrated and reliable aircraft maintenance solution for a safer sky and secured quality of life of mankind.

Our Values

GMF AeroAsia cultivates a corporate culture based on values which infuse our activities, leading us to achieve our goals, and realizing our vision, which consist of :

Providing mutual respect and care, giving opportunities to build genuine relationships and mutual trust between GMF AeroAsia employees through recruitment systems, placements, and human resource development in an open, fair, objective, and proportionate manner.
Sincerity and uprightness expressed through the unity of words and actions in applying the values, ethics and professional business and company regulations consistently despite possible difficult circumstances, to gain maximum trust.
Completing tasks skillfully and earnestly according to technical standards and business ethics.
Full cooperation based on mutual respect as well as mutual understanding of each other's functions and roles in order to fully complete the job by empowering all resources to achieve Corporate goals.
Sincerely and vigorously fulfill all needs and objectives that may exceed expectations.

To accomplish that mission, we believe that every individual at GMF AeroAsia must:

Maintain airworthiness in full compliance and adherence to International Standards.
Ensure with all our might to enhance our company's capabilities and to extend the service life of each customer's aircraft.
Strive towards creating better teamwork and to encourage every individual to attain superior work performance.
To fully service our clients' needs, we are determined to provide them with the most reliable and cost-effective service options.
In being a good corporate citizen, GMF AeroAsia strives to uphold the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical business conduct, as well as encouraging broad civic improvements.
Tazar Marta Kurniawan
Tazar Marta Kurniawan
President & CEO

Tazar Marta Kurniawan was appointed as President & CEO of PT GMF AeroAsia in August 2019. Previously, he has served as a Director of Business & Base Operations, Director of Line Operations, SVP Marketing & Business Development, VP Material Services, and VP Asset Management & Material Services.

Tazar was born in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera on March, 7th 1968. He received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Institute of Technology (ITB) Bandung.

Edward Okky Avianto
Edward Okky Avianto
Director of Finance

Edward Okky Avianto was appointed as Director of Finance in November 2018. Previously, he has served as Director of Finance & Investments of Garuda Indonesia Pension Fund (Dana Pensiun Garuda Indonesia) and Vice President of Business Support & General Affairs PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

Okky was born in Bandung on October 23rd, 1966, completed a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung.

I Wayan Susena
I Wayan Susena
Director of Business & Base Operations

I Wayan Susena is Director of Business & Base Operations since August 2019. Before being appointed to serve as Director of Business & Base Operations, he served as a Director of Maintenance of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and he had been responsible as a Commissioner of GMF AeroAsia. Previously, he has served various positions at GMF AeroAsia such as Director of Base Operations, VP Base Maintenance, and GM Aircraft Structure Maintenance.

Wayan was born in Surabaya, East Java on February, 17th 1968. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institute Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya, and a Magister of Management from STIE, Jakarta.​

Beni Gunawan
Beni Gunawan
Director of Line Operations

Beni Gunawan is Director of Line Operations since November 2018. Before being appointed to serve as Director of Line Operations, he served various positions at GMF AeroAsia such as Vice President of Cabin Maintenance Services, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisory Engineer, General Manager of Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Control, and General Manager of Cengkareng Line Maintenance.

Beni was born in Bandung on June 27th, 1971 and completed a Bachelor degree in Economics Science from Institute of Industrial Management Indonesia, and a Magister of Business Administration from IPMI International Business School, Jakarta.

Asep Kurnia
Asep Kurnia
Director of Human Capital & Corporate Affairs

Asep Kurnia is Director of Human Capital & Corporate Affairs of GMF AeroAsia since March 2018. Before being appointed to serve as Director of Human Capital & Corporate Affairs, he had been responsible since 2015 as a Vice President Human Capital Management. He previously served various positions at GMF AeroAsia such as GM Human Capital Development, GM C & B Management.

Asep was born in Jakarta on August 10, 1972 and completed a Bachelor degree in Law from IBLAM, Jakarta, and IPMI International Business School.



Public Visit

GMF AeroAsia have organized public visits ever since its inception in 2002, conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the public visits, participants are provided with useful and valuable information on the company as well as a concise introduction to flight and aircraft safety.



For the library, GMF offers seven Libraries located around the airport. The objective of establishing the park is to motivate people, especially to add insight and knowledge for the younger generation.

The Groundbreaking

The Inaguration

Blood Donation

The Blood Donation activities are done in cooperation with the Red Cross. Blood Donations are held every quarter a year, with a goal to increase GMF AeroAsia employees' sense of awareness towards others.

Natural Disaster

GMF AeroAsia volunteers to contribute in providing helps to the victims of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and other disasters. GMF Rescue Team (GRT) is ready to help the victims affected throughout Indonesia.